Month: September 2017

September 29

Students, we would hate for you to get a ticket, so please do not park in the parking lot. We have an art contest- see Ms Ghiglino for information. Did you wear your Spirit Wear shirt today? See Ms Sanchez for info on: Free/Reduced Lunch, Metro Cards, Art Contest, or Tutoring.

September 28

Today is Career Cafe: Assessing Your Interests. Find out what you’re good at! Students should have Opening Week forms turned in by now. The Latino Youth Leadership Conference art contest has begun- see Ms Ghiglino or Ms Sanchez. Need a tutor? See Ms Sanchez. A great turnout for the Key Club- can’t wait to see […]

Latino Youth Leadership Art Contest

The 2017 Latino Youth Leadership conference has announced its annual Art Contest.  The theme this year is “Mi Tierra”.  Students may enter drawings, photographs, paintings that are no larger than 16”x20”.  This year 3-dimensional art can be entered as well.  See Ms Ghiglino (Art Room) or Ms Sanchez (Tutoring Center) or click below for an […]

September 27

Today is AFAC Wednesday- please don’t miss class. Have you turned in your Free/Reduced Lunch form yet? Need help with those forms? See Ms Sanchez. Link your grocery card with our school, and we will earn money! Latino Youth Leadership is sponsoring an art contest- we’ve had several students win in the past so represent […]

September 26

Tomorrow is AFAC Wednesday- see Ms Bullock. Get your lunch or breakfast from the Career Center, but eat it here- just ask for a foil cover. Do not park in the parking lot- you will get a ticket. Turn in your opening day forms to Ms Sanchez. Register for Metro Money! Link your grocery card […]

September 25

Saturday was our Open House: thank you to all who attended. A note to students and staff: when we have the Pledge of Allegiance at school, you are free to recite it or not. All students must stay respectfully quiet throughout. Need a tutor or help with forms? See Ms Sanchez in the Tutoring Center. […]

September 22

See an administrator if you need help with Back to School forms. Key Club meeting next week on Wednesday. See Ms Ghiglino in room 218 if you would like to submit a piece of artwork to the Latino Youth Leadership Conference- the deadline is Nov 17. Back to School Open House tomorrow, 9-11. Need a […]

September 21

Career Cafe today- student panel- in the Gallery at lunch today. Do not park in the parking lot, you will get a ticket. Key Club will meet next Wednesday at lunch- join them! Thank you to the two volunteers for the School Board Advisory Committee- we can have two more! Back to School Open House […]

September 20

Today is AFAC grocery day! Pick up your groceries after lunch or after 4th period- do not miss class. Apply with Ms Bullock to see if you qualify. See Ms Sanchez to get help filling out free/reduced lunch forms and also Metro cards. Do you shop at Giant or Harris Teeter? Link your card to […]

September 19

AFAC groceries tomorrow…Free/Reduced lunch forms- turn them in and you can get a lunch from the Career Center- pick it up there and eat it here…. Ms Sanchez (Tutoring Center) can help you with forms and with Metro Card and with finding a tutor….If you drive to school, do not park in the school parking […]