About Arlington Community High School


4420 Fairfax Dr Arlington, VA 22203

Arlington Community High School is an alternative high school that offers courses required for a high school diploma on a semester basis (classes completed in one semester) for day classes, and a year basis (classes completed in a year) for evening classes, to any county resident aged 16 or older. Classes operate from 8 a.m.–9:10 p.m. As a countywide high school of enrollment, Arlington Community High School awards its own diploma. Arlington Community High School’s diverse student population is focused on earning a high school diploma, while preparing themselves for college, work, and the future. While completing high school requirements, students have an opportunity to take classes for dual enrollment college credit, as well as work with NOVA counselors to plan a seamless transition to college. The location next to the Arlington Career Center affords additional opportunities to complete career and technical courses, earn industry certifications, and earn additional college dual enrollment credits.Arlington Community High School offers students:

  • flexibility in scheduling to meet individual student scheduling needs and course requirements;
  • the opportunity to earn eight or more credits in a year, al- lowing for credit acceleration or credit recovery;
  • semester-based classes, allowing students to complete one, two, three, or four block classes each semester (up to 8 credits per year); year-long evening classes (up to 4 credits per year);
  • a choice for a high school – students elect to attend the school;
  • the opportunity to enter at age 16 years or older – there is no upper age limit (There is a tuition charge to students over school-age.);
  • college credit for some courses from NOVA through a dual enrollment program; and
  • personalized learning, often in smaller classes to meet students’ learning styles. Teachers and staff have developed a supportive and individualized atmosphere.

Students interested in enrolling in Arlington Community High School should contact the school directly, or see their current school counselor for enrollment information and referral.