About Arlington Community High School


Since its inception in 1929, the Arlington Mill High School Continuation Program offered students an alternative way to earn a high school diploma.  To better meet the needs of its students, Arlington Public Schools changed the designation of the program to Arlington Mill High School. This year, we have changed our name to Arlington Community High School and relocated to the old Fenwick Building, at 800 S. Walter Reed Drive. We are a fully-accredited alternative high school for students whose life circumstances have interrupted their schooling. Students must be age 16 or older and our student body includes students who may be English language learners, older school-age and adult students working towards a high school diploma, and students who need a flexible school to accommodate work or family obligations. Specializing in credit recovery and dropout prevention, Arlington Community High School seeks to support students in their goal of graduating from high school as well as planning individualized goals for future college and career pathways. Although students are responsible to the same course requirements, numbers of credits, and SOL assessment verification as students in the comprehensive high schools, our school offers flexibility in the way and time frame in which students can earn a high school diploma.

Important Info:

  • Students may refer themselves to Arlington Community High School; comprehensive high schools in APS may refer students.
  • The financial costs to students vary with age.
  • Students must be at least 16 years of age to enter Arlington Community High School; there is no upper age limit.
  • Students are able to earn up to eight credits in classes per regular school year in the day school or up to four credits in a year in the evening school.
  • In addition to core content classes, career and technical classes are offered in both the day and evening time periods. Students enrolled in ACHS will receive their diploma from Arlington Community High School.
  • The day school is divided into two semesters, and students may take one to four two-hour classes each semester. The evening school is year long and students may take up to 4 courses during the year (2 academic core, and 2 electives).
  • Students identified as beginning (HILT A) or intermediate (HILT B) English language learners study in the HILT (High Intensity Language Training) Program. These students receive their core instruction (reading, language arts, social studies, science and math) from a HILT teacher. Students may enroll in math classes, as well as physical education and elective classes.
  • HILTEX is for those students who have successfully completed the HILT Program or are identified as advanced English language learners. They generally receive their reading/language arts from a HILTEX teacher and then study in grade appropriate classes for science, social studies, physical education, and electives.
  • Students exit the HILT/HILTEX program based on criteria such as passing criterion-referenced tests, writing samples, Degrees of Reading Power tests, and class performance.
  • Arlington Community High School is a relatively small high school, with approximately 325 students in the day and evening schools.
  • Sports participation or other extra-curricular activities are not available at ACHS, therefore, if students are eligible by VHSL standards, they could try out to play on sports teams at their neighborhood high school.