October 24

Today is Day One of the Writing SOL- get to the gallery if you are testing. The gallery will be closed at lunch. Please be quiet near that area if you have class in Dr Kennedy or Ms Lamina’s room. Art contest- win a prize! Women’s Circle at lunch today- a safe place to de-stress. Do you want to play guitar? There will be an after-school guitar group led by Mr Alarcon on Tuesday and Thursdays in room 212. Simplicity Health Care was here yesterday, showcasing their low cost health care. Did you win the Giant gift card? See Ms Bullock or Ms Buchanan. Next Tuesday is Halloween: dress as your favorite book! Ms Hester can help you find a book to match your costume. No masks, no weapons please. Need a tutor? See Ms Sanchez. Key Club meets tomorrow at lunch. If you have a child in elementary school and need to be at the parent conference, let us know so we can excuse it. Career Cafe this week: a guest speaker will come to speak about how to get into trade fields.