Daily Announcements April 18

Welcome back! Today starts the 4th quarter of the year. AFAC tomorrow! See Ms Sanguinetti if you need to retake an SOL test, if you want to take a class at Career Center, or if you’re graduating. Key Club meets next week.

Daily Announcements April 7

Next week is Spring Break! See you back on the 17th (staff) and 18th (students). Faculty Advisory today at lunch.  Students, do not park in the parking lot- you will get a $50 ticket. Register for Summer School- get a reduced rate. Need to take an SOL? See Ms Sanguinetti. Want to take a class […]

Daily Announcements April 5

Student Advisory today- sign up! Key Club meets as well- Ms MacDonald’s room. Today is AFAC day as well. Register for summer school. Need to retake an SOL test- but you’re not in that class? Want to take a Career Center class next year? Graduating? Complete a graduation form to make sure everything is ready- […]

Daily Announcements April 4

Want to join a focus group? Share your wants, your needs, how you want this neighborhood to be: today after school. 3 pm- see Ms. Bullock. Student Advisory today- sign up before 3rd period for free pizza. Summer school registration has begun. Faculty Advisory on Friday. Next week is Spring Break- students return on the […]

Daily Announcements April 3

Get your final class projects in! Grades come out soon. We will start the 4th quarter on Tuesday, April 18. AFAC Wednesday. Student Advisory on Wednesday at lunch- sign up for free pizza! Faculty Advisory on Friday.

Daily Announcements March 31

Learn how to knit today at lunch- in the library- with Ms Minihan and Ms MacDonald. Spring break begins in one week- gets your classwork in before the end of the 3rd marking period. Grab a book from the library for the weekend! Register for summer school. Student Advisory next Wednesday:sign up.

Daily Announcements March 30

Career Cafe: Job Keeping and Finding. At lunch in the Gallery. Learn how to knit or crochet in the library at lunch on Friday. Happy April Fool’s Day this Saturday- and plug away for one more week until Spring Break!

Daily Announcements March 29

Thank you Key Club for a great guest speaker experience- we have handouts if you missed it. Get a Chipotle tonight 5-7pm Ballston location for proceeds to go to our school. Students- PLEASE do not put your gum on our brand new tables: we had to remove gum from FOUR tables yesterday in the Gallery. […]

Daily Announcements March 28

Guest speaker at lunch today: “Know Your Rights as an Immigrant”, brought to us by the Key Club. Also, stop by Chipotle in Ballston for dinner tomorrow- proceeds go to our Key Club. Register for summer school. Want to learn how to knit or crochet? Join us in the library on Friday at lunch. Career […]

Daily Announcements March 27

Key Club Speaker tomorrow: Know Your Rights As Immigrants- lunchtime. Have dinner at Ballston Chipotle- proceeds go to our very own Key Club. Career Cafe this Thursday- and stay tuned for our Student of the Week! Register for Summer School now. Scholarships available for the first students to register.