Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements March 13

Hopefully everyone set their clocks forward for daylight savings! Donut Delivery this week- sign up. If you are picking up lunch at the Career Center, be sure to bring it back here to eat at lunchtime. Inclement weather? Pick up the card at the front of the school that tells you how to find out […]

Daily Announcements March 10

Awards Programs today at 11:15 and 11:40- let’s celebrate! Tomorrow is Dental Screening at NOVA. Donut Delivery next week from JROTC- sign up. Metro cards- ride to school for free- don’t get a parking ticket. Register for summer school- HILT classes here and some online as well. Grab a book from the library and read- […]

Daily Announcements March 9

No Career Cafe today.  Register for summer school: under 22 you can register here or other schools; if you’re over 22 you can sign up with ACHS. Like donuts? Support the Air Force JROTC. Awards program tomorrow- celebrate our successes with us.

Daily Announcements March 8

AFAC groceries today at ACC after lunch or after school. Science students will be visiting the Outdoor Lab with Ms Ruggieri. Key Club- bring a friend to the meeting today to find out more, in Mr Spanos’ room. On Friday we will have an Awards Program to celebrate our achievements. Questions about commuting? Visit the […]

Daily Announcements March 6

Outdoor Lab field trip on Wednesday- see your science teacher for more details. Also Wednesday, a Key Club meeting. Go check it out to see if you’re interested in joining the Key Club. Also AFAC groceries on Wednesday AND a visit from the Mobile Commuter Store- get your Metro Card. Get an iRide card- half […]

Daily Announcements March 3

Read a book this weekend- visit the library! ACCESS tests this week- very important so do your best. We will have an Awards Assembly on March 10: come celebrate with us. Next week, Key Club will meet on Wednesday and present their earnings to the Lymphoma Society. Register your metro cards and take the bus- […]

Daily Announcements March 2

Career Cafe at lunch today in the Gallery- get ready for a career! Yesterday’s Student Advisory was great- join us next time. Key Club meets next Wednesday and will present their earnings to the Lymphoma Society. Also Outdoor Lab next Wednesday. Students, you will get a $50 ticket for parking in the parking lot- get […]

Daily Announcements March 1

Student Advisory today at lunch with Dr Thompson. Faculty Advisory on Friday at lunch. Register your Metro card- no student parking in the parking lot.

Daily Announcements Feb 28

Book Club Hilt9X Book club meets today, in Ms MacDonald’s room. Tomorrow: Student Advisory with Dr Thompson- free pizza! Sign up at the front desk. Faculty Advisory on Friday at lunch. Awards Assembly this week- Thursday morning. AFAC groceries this week. Key Club members Wednesday as well.

Daily Announcements Feb 27

This week: Student Advisory meeting on Wednesday- sign up at the front desk. Also AFAC groceries available on Wednesday- see Ms Bullock, our CIS partner, as well as for free dental screening. Metro money- see Dr Thompson or Ms Sanchez. Friday we will have an Awards Assembly to celebrate the first semester: AB Honor Roll […]